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Eye Makeup Recommendations For Lash Extensions

Posted on: December 19th, 2019

We all know how it feels to be on the cusp of needing a lash fill…there may be some gaps starting to form as the lashes go through their regular cycle of growth. When this happens many of us tend to get a little bit lazier with our lash care, but rather than throwing caution to the wind let’s explore makeup tips that can help get you through until the appointment you’re anxiously waiting for.

Regular mascara for upper lashes is to be heavily avoided when lash extensions are on, because the chemicals within it break down the lash glue quickly. There are certain companies that specialize in mascaras for extensions, though, and these can really save the day!

Eyeliner on the upper lid is in the same danger-zone for glue as mascara is…but finding a gentle oil-free eyeliner that comes off easily is an effective way to shade in the gaps (when desperate). Some of the best are:

Since the purpose of lash extensions is to make lashes look longer and more voluminous on their own, the goal is to avoid the extra chemicals and focus on maintenance of the extensions themselves. The best way to curb the excessive gaps is to keep up with scheduling fills based on the length of time you find your lashes shedding in their natural cycle, but when you’re a few days out from your appointment and you need a bit of help try some of the products above to keep you looking your best!

The last and absolute most important part of wearing any eye makeup at all with your extensions is the cleaning process that comes along with it. Stellar Lash formulates our own cleansing foam for the lash area that was uniquely curated to increase lash life as well as deep clean the lashes to avoid any buildup and bacteria. Among ours are oil-free cleansers such as:

When putting makeup on around the lashes the risk is not only stripping the glue but also increasing the likeliness of bacteria or residue buildup. Make sure to get in all the grooves when cleaning and your lashes (as well as your lash artist) will thank you for it!


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