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Lip Blush

Ever wanted to be able to have lipstick on 24/7? No smears, waterproof, no re-application, or maintenance. If so, you will love Lip Blush!

Lip blushing is a type of semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing procedure achieved by depositing pigments in your lips using small needles. While also sometimes called lip tattooing, this is more of a cosmetic enhancement rather than traditional tattoo art.


Lip Blushing typically lasts one to two years, and your FREE 6-8 week touch-up is strongly recommended for helping you achieve that long-lasting, beautiful blushed lip look we all love. The majority of individuals who get lip blush typically come in every six months to upkeep that strong, vibrant, fresh look.  Lip blushing is designed to enhance the natural color and shape of your mouth. You and your artist will work together to find that perfect color and shape you are going for.

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Meet our Permanent Makeup Artist Taylor!

Taylor takes on many different roles here at Stellar Aesthetics. An integral part of the team, Taylor not only assists Nurse Larissa in medical grade procedures, but is also known for being the queen of Microblading and Lip Blush as that is her speciality!

Taylor is passionate about delivering high quality services while helping individuals transform the beauty of their faces with permanent makeup. It has been said that eyebrows are the frame of the face, Taylor exemplifies that she is the master of beauty enhancement on the brows and the lips!

Enjoy scrolling through social media? Taylor is a talented social media director that focuses on marketing and taking care of patients and always makes sure they feel loved and taken care of.  Her attention to details and aesthetics extends beyond the physical into the digital world. These three positions aren’t her only superpowers. Taylor’s motto is “look good, play good”.


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