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Spray Tan


For the whole month of September, if you book a spray tan it’s only $25!!

How to Book: To book this incredible deal, click HERE and it will take you to our booking link. Select “Spray Tan” as the service of your choice, and then select what date and time works best for YOU!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us, or DM us through Instagram! We hope to see you soon!!

Let us know what you are looking for and we will deliver a beautiful, natural-looking customized and Organic tan! Darker legs? Lighter face? No problem! Our skilled aestheticians can deliver the perfect tan for your wedding, special event, or just a beautiful everyday bronze!

Custom Airbrush Organic Spray Tan: $35

Book now!

Before Your Tan

█  Make sure to shower, exfoliate and shave
█  Remove face makeup (your tan will fade faster on your face so we will touch up throughout the week if needed)
█  Moisturize dry parts of skin before (ankles, elbows and toenails/fingernails if you have polish on)
█  Do not moisturize your entire body, it will minimize your tan
█  Wear dark, loose-fitting clothing and a pair of sandals

During Your Tan

█  Wear what you feel comfortable wearing
█  Bikinis, underwear, bra tops or opt for no tan lines at all
█  Men – we require briefs or bathing suits

After Your Tan

█  Let the tan dry for a few minutes after then change into loose-fitting clothing
█  We offer “self tanning towelettes” for aftercare
█  Don’t get wet or take a shower for around 8-10 hours, the longer your tanning solution is on the darker tone it will produce
█  Moisturize your skin well after you wash your tan off (makes your tan last longer) 


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