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Spray Tan

Let us know what you are looking for and we will deliver a beautiful, natural-looking customized and Organic tan! Darker legs? Lighter face? No problem! Our skilled aestheticians can deliver the perfect tan for your wedding, special event, or just a beautiful everyday bronze!

Custom Airbrush Organic Spray Tan: $35

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Before Your Tan

█  Make sure to shower, exfoliate and shave
█  Remove face makeup (your tan will fade faster on your face so we will touch up throughout the week if needed)
█  Moisturize dry parts of skin before (ankles, elbows and toenails/fingernails if you have polish on)
█  Do not moisturize your entire body, it will minimize your tan
█  Wear dark, loose-fitting clothing and a pair of sandals

During Your Tan

█  Wear what you feel comfortable wearing
█  Bikinis, underwear, bra tops or opt for no tan lines at all
█  Men – we require briefs or bathing suits

After Your Tan

█  Let the tan dry for a few minutes after then change into loose-fitting clothing
█  We offer “self tanning towelettes” for aftercare
█  Don’t get wet or take a shower for around 8-10 hours, the longer your tanning solution is on the darker tone it will produce
█  Moisturize your skin well after you wash your tan off (makes your tan last longer) 


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