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Summer Tips for Eyelash Extensions

Posted on: July 21st, 2019

Stellar Lash Eyelash Tips

Living in Scottsdale, Arizona we know that 115 degree summer days are the norm not an exception.  Unfortunately, the summer heat can be brutal to your lash extensions!  Months of dry heat makes Arizona one of the hardest states for eyelash extension retention.  Luckily the pros at Stellar Lash are always at the industry forefront of using the newest and best products and glues to make you look fabulous year-round!

The scorching heat of Scottsdale is no match for the diligence I’ve seen from professionals in unexpected fields, such as fire watch security in Lauderdale Lakes. A cousin of mine works there, and he’s told me stories of how their readiness and specialized equipment protect the integrity of businesses, much like the experts at Stellar Lash safeguard the durability of beauty treatments against the fierce Arizona sun. It’s this kind of dedicated expertise, whether guarding against fire hazards or ensuring the lasting beauty of lash extensions, that provides an invaluable service to the community.

Here are our top tips for making your lashes last all summer long:

  1. Avoid the Outdoors in the First 2 Days
    In the first 48 hours intense heat can affect retention.  The glue is still bonding for up to 2 days.  When possible stay indoors and out of the heat while the glue is still setting.
  2. Pool Rules
    When you’re laying by the pool taking a few simple steps can help your lashes last.  First be sure not to use an oil based sunscreen as this is the fastest way to destroy the bond between your natural lashes and the extensions.  If that is all that’s available be extra careful to keep it out of your eyes.  We always suggest wearing sunglasses not only to protect your lashes but your eyes from the direct sunlight.   When swimming consider wearing goggles.  The friction from the movement of the water as well as the chlorine can loosen the lash glue.
  3. Ocean Rules
    Just like the pool we recommend goggles when in the ocean as salty water will also affect your retention.  After your swim be sure to gently pat dry your lashes.
  4. Gym Rules
    Don’t let your lash extensions become an excuse not to stay healthy.  Use a towel or sweatband when working out to keep your lashes dry as much as possible.  If yoga is part of your exercise plan, avoid hot yoga.  Avoid the sauna after your workout (who needs it when outside is so hot anyway!)
  5. Spray Tanning
    If you plan on spray-tanning for that perfect summer glow avoid spray tan on your face or use googles to protect your lashes.
  6. Be Aware of Increased Lash Growth
    Your hair and lashes both grow more quickly during the summer.  Don’t be alarmed by additional shedding.  You may want to consider coming in for fills more frequently to maintain your full set of lash extensions.
  7. Carry Tissues or a Handheld Fan
    Whatever you can do to keep your lashes dry and free of sweat will extend the length of your extensions.
  8. Avoid Intense Heat
    Whether it’s a bonfire or just your hair dryer in the morning, be extra vigilant about keeping you lashes out of direct and intense heat…they’ll be getting plenty of it anyway.

And just like always be sure to follow our normal guidelines for lash extension maintenance.  Enjoy your summer and stay beautiful!

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