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The Misconception of “Volume Lashes” Versus “Classic Lashes”

Posted on: January 29th, 2020

We have three overall types of lashes that are made to grace the faces of many; The classic lash, the volume lash and the hybrid lash. The artistry within the process of lashing our beautiful clients comes in once an overall desired look is expressed and then the tools at hand assist the artist in making that look possible while battling individual differences such as eye shape, natural lash distribution and natural lash patterns. The “voluminous look” seen on social media and from celebrities walking the red carpet are not simply volume lashes being put onto the lashes…it is the specific artistry of the lash specialist that makes that look happen!

Volume lashes are hand created by attaching multiple extensions to each natural lash. The result is more volume automatically, but the amount of volume desired still rests in the hands of the client and their communication with the artist. One can accomplish a very dramatic look by adding in more and more volume based lashes to incrementally add depth. On the other hand, one could also spread the volume lashes out in order to obtain nice volume and length without making it too dramatic.

Classic lashes sound simpler…and they are! This style is exemplified by adding in a single long extension to a single natural lash. The result won’t have the same fanning out as volume lashes, making the lash line less full but still a bit darker and longer. This look is natural and beautiful…but since each extension must be attached to individual lashes it will not be able to obtain the same fullness of volume lashes just simply because of their construction.  Classic lashes do tend to be a bit thicker and more visible to compensate for the fewer number of extensions that are applied.

Hybrid lashes are fun because they blend the two styles of lashes together to make a natural, blended line of lashes. The volume lashes are dispersed between and among the classic lashes to give a more natural volume plus length. This style also can’t be quite as full as the volume lashes, but they are a beautiful blend of the two to give a unique and natural look to the eyes.

Keep in mind that each style works on a continuum, so deciding between them doesn’t necessarily mean that various factors are completely missing from one to the next. The most important factor in deciding which one to go with lies in communication with the lash artist! She definitely wants you to be happy with the finished look, so the more examples provided and communication had the better. She is an artist, after all!

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