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Best Lash Styles Based on Your Eye Shape

Posted on: January 3rd, 2020

Eyes are the gateway to the soul, right?! That means the way we choose to present them to the world should echo what we want the world to see…so why go for a style of eyelash extensions that looks better on a different eye or face shape than your own? It’s time to become a bit more familiar with what our best extension look may be, based on just a look in the mirror to assess what your eye shape is…


You have lots of room to be dramatic…so fuller styles don’t overpower your eyes like some of the other shapes. You can go pretty voluminous and long without it looking goofy! Shape-wise anything really goes, if you want more of a cat-eye look it’s a go…and if you’d rather an even thickness and length along the line that works wonderfully on you, as well.


You want a style that elongates and balances out the largeness of those beautiful bright eyes of yours. Long, curly, wispy lashes tend to help with that! Lashes done in a cat-eye style look great on you because it automatically helps elongate your eyes.


You have pretty balanced eyes on their own, with points on the ends and a wide center, meaning that you can really go for any look depending on what you want to achieve personally. This shape doesn’t need to shy away from thickness or length in any form, so have some fun.


You have eyes with slightly more skin above the creases of your eyes, which can be fun with lashes as long as you’re aware of the curling of the extensions. The goal is to create depth to your eyes to balance the lids, so fuller lashes in the center look great paired with longer lengths across the lash line in general.


You have eyes that will pop with extensions, a bit like hooded eyes. Your natural lashes are most likely rather straight due to the lack of crease showing above your eyes, which means that extensions can do wonders! Lashes that elongate and add volume without adding too much curl are ideal…the goal is to widen those beautiful eyes of yours and bring them to life.


You have eyes that are closer towards your nose, which means you want your lashes to be elongated and also extend more outwards than inwards to balance them out. Going short to long in lash length from the inside towards the outside will elongate your lashes. Don’t be afraid of volume towards the outside, but try to avoid too much volume on the inner corners as to not bring the focus inwards.


You want to extend the outer corners of your pretty eyes out and up a bit to balance their natural shape, so if you go for a cat eye look there is really no line for how dramatic you want it to be. The more volume and drama towards the outer edges, the better, because it will help give the illusion of a lift.


You have incredibly bright eyes on their own, so you don’t want to go too extreme with your extensions. You can go for a more natural look with a lash lift. Keeping the lengths varying all across your lashes rather than the short to long look mentioned before is your best bet because of the accentuated crease above your eyes. Feel free to have fun with length, too, because just as the round eyes look good with wispy lashes- you do, as well.

Whatever your eye shape lash extensions can be a beautiful compliment to your natural beauty if done well.  Consult with your lash artist to find the perfect style for you!

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