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Eyelash Extensions Maintenance

Posted on: June 20th, 2019

Eyelash Extensions MaintenanceTop 10 Ways to Make Your Eyelash Extensions Last

If you’ve ever taken the time to get eyelash extensions, you know how that how they look after your appointment is only half the battle – they have to last! So how can you make the most of your investment in lash extensions and increase the time between your fills?  While there are many factors that affect retention including the natural oils produced by your skin and your specific lifestyle here are our top 10 tips to make your lashes last!

Top 10 Tips for Lash Extensions

1. Avoid oil-based products

Nothing will weaken the cyanoacrylate-based lash extension glue faster than oils and moisture rich products (eyeliners especially!).  Take extra care to keep these away from your lashes.  If you use an eye moisturizer be sure to apply it at least 60 minutes before you go to sleep so your lashes aren’t sitting in it all night!

2. Cleanse your lashes daily

We recommend using Stellar Lash Lash Bath (pick it up at your next appointment) but in a pinch another oil-free cleanser can work as well.

3. Don’t sleep on your face

We know…easier said than done.  Lying on your face all night will mechanically loosen the glue holding your lash extensions on.  If you’re like us and you sometimes do this anyway consider wearing an eyemask to protect your extensions or picking up some silk pillowcases that will be softer and pull less on the bonds!

4. Keep sweat and saline off your lashes

So, should you not live an active lifestyle? We would never suggest that!  Lash extensions are ideal for the active girl who wants to look good on the go and when you aren’t wearing makeup.  Just be sure to properly cleanse your lashes after you have been sweating, swimming or if you use saline eye drops.

5. Avoid steroid based lash growers

These lash growth products will cause your natural lashes to shed more quickly taking your beautiful extensions with them!  If you’re currently using one of these, know it can take up to 90 days for your lashes to go back to normal after stopping use.

6. Be aware of changes in your diet and/or medication

A healthy lash takes 2-3 months to complete a growth cycle.  Certain medications such as thyroid medications can make your lashes oilier, dryer or more brittle.  Dietary changes, pregnancy or menopause can also have an effect on your lashes.

7. Never touch your lashes

Many of our clients love to play with, pick at and touch their lashes…especially when they look so good! Unfortunately, this is one of the worst things you can do for retention.  Not only do your hands add natural oils to your lashes which affect the glue, pulling will mechanically weaken the bond as well.  Instead be sure to brush your lashes daily with a mascara wand.

8. Apply mascara properly

While we don’t generally recommend you wear mascara with eyelash extensions, some of our clients like to.  If you must, make sure to use an oil-free formula and apply the mascara just to the ends of your lashes.

9. Come to your appointment with super clean lashes…every time

Any oils, dirt and debris will interfere with the natural bonding of your lashes to the extensions.  Retention starts even before your appointment!

10. Don’t forget your standard aftercare rules

Keep them dry for 24-48 hours.  Avoid high-heat from a blow dryer, oven etc. Don’t use a crimp curler.  There’s a reason we hand out aftercare instructions after every appointment it’s easy to forget and it makes a difference!


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