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Hard or Soft Wax….which is better?

Posted on: February 16th, 2021

As with any cosmetic procedure, there are differences in technique to achieve the same results.  While we only use the highest quality products at Stellar Lash, we are proud to offer both hard and soft wax for hair removal.  Soft wax is generally associated with body waxing.  It is applied with a waxing spatula and removed with a waxing strip.  Soft wax is typically used on body parts such as arms, legs and armpits.

Hard wax is much different but equally effective.  It is thicker, and once hardened, it is removed without a strip.  Hard wax is commonly used to wax the face.  If you have sensitive skin, such as in the bikini area, it is recommended to be waxed with hard wax to minimize irritation and discomfort. For instance, Brazilian waxing involves using hard wax to remove hair effectively and safely.

For a comprehensive list of all the pros and cons of hard and soft wax please see below or discuss in person with your waxer at your next appointment!

Hard wax pros/cons

Soft wax pros/cons

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So ultimately which type of wax is best for you? The most important consideration is probably your comfort level with the product.  But our recommendation typically comes down to this:

Hard wax is ideal for a client with hypersensitive skin types while soft wax is preferable for a client with normal or less sensitive skin.

No matter what you choose, we can’t wait to give you the beautiful skin you deserve!

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