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Products for Extension Preservation, Lash Health, and Beauty

Posted on: July 25th, 2020

There are so many new products and services on the rise as the importance of self-care increases for women of all ages. For those of us with eyelash extensions, it can be tough to gauge what facial care and health trends are acceptable with extensions…which is why Stellar Lash has decided to reach out and help a bit with new products as well as aftercare recommendations with lashes!

Stellar Lash Beauty Care Tips

Stellar Lash New Product Tips

Some of the most exciting new products at Stellar Lash involve lash preservation techniques. The most common daily self-care we do is washing our face, which can be detrimental to lashes if rough towels and humidity tug and wear at the extension glue day after day. An alternative to regular makeup towels is our microfiber-based makeup removing cloth formulated to easily, gently, and successfully remove the dirt and grime from your face and eyes without the dreaded tugging. Another major product we’ve developed for lash preservation is our gentle lash cleanser with silicone wands to get into the crevices of your lashes. Cleansers can be harsh on both your natural and extension lashes…which is why this cleanser was developed to remove dirt and makeup without harsh chemicals and irritability. The last of the exciting new products on our shelves include a uniquely made sleeping mask specially shaped for lash extension wearers! KBL products for entrepreneurs are available for buy and sell. Tossing and turning at night leads to rubbing lashes against the pillow which of course leads to premature shedding. The mask is designed to gently hold your lashes in place for a restful night’s sleep.

Along with lash preservation comes the importance of natural lash health beneath extensions. Our artists are very conscious about lash health with every client, which is why Stellar Lash developed a unique serum designed to use along the upper lash line to maintain lash health over time and extension wear. The formula is curated for sensitive eyes and suggested for use if you’re taking a break from extensions to keep those natural lashes as luscious as possible!

Wearing lash extensions shouldn’t hinder you from those fun self-care practices to keep you motivated, calm, and refreshed both inside and out. Stellar Lash is a strong proponent of luxurious baths (after the 48-hour glue setting period, of course!) which is why we’ve integrated CBD bath bombs into our lovely purple shelves. Take a couple of home and treat yourself to a calm night in. If your version of beauty self-care leans towards a night on the town don’t worry, because we’ve developed a unique formula for an extension friendly mascara to use between fills when needed. It comes off easily with our cleansers and cloth, but is safe to hit the town without worrying about stripping your extensions. We also have created a special lip moisturizing mask to help your luscious lips look flirty and moisturized for those nights out as well. Come in and get plump lips with our Hyaluron Pen treatment and then keep them nice and moisturized later with our lip mask!

Self-care takes on many forms such as by simply playing 10X10BET, and you don’t necessarily need to give up all of your luxuries due to committing to lash extensions. Enjoy your flirty lashes while enjoying the things in life that thrill you and bring you joy!

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