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Tips from Professional Eyelash Artists

Posted on: June 25th, 2019

The Top 5 Things Your Lash Artist Wants You to Know

If you’ve ever wondered what your lash artist wishes they could tell you about eyelashes and lash extensions but doesn’t we’ve got your question answered! Here’s our top 5 list of things your lash artist wants you to know:

1. Cut out the caffeine
Try to avoid caffeine for an hour before your appointment! It can make your eyelids flutter which makes our life more difficult. Also, if you need to use the restroom don’t hold it! Nothing is more difficult than applying extensions when you’re squirming!

2. Lash retention depends on both of us
Lifestyle, diet, medications, beauty products, changing seasons even your natural shed cycle could be responsible for a lack of retention! We always apply your lashes according to leading industry standards (top of the line glue, proper application techniques etc.). If they aren’t lasting talk to us and let’s troubleshoot the problem. Oftentimes you may not even realize what’s causing your lashes not to last!

3. Clean those lashes
When you come to your appointment with clean lashes it not only gives us more time to apply the extensions, it also increases the chances of them lasting! Nothing makes us happier than when you walk in ready to go!

4. Lash loss is natural
When you wake up in the morning with a couple lashes on your pillow this is probably just your natural lash cycle. While it varies for everyone, most people lose 3-4 eyelashes per day – you just don’t notice. Especially with volume lashes this is more noticeable but it doesn’t mean anything is wrong.

5. Don’t be shy
Need a break from extensions? No problem we are always happy to do a removal or suggest at home methods to get them out more quickly (don’t pull!) We think of our clients like family and hate being ghosted. While you never owe us an explanation, we really do care and never take it personally!

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